Loop Management is based on the rigor of a team of experts who is not familiar with the definition of failure. We offer two main types of services: full project management (outsourcing project management towards Loop Operations) or supervision and support for our clients’ internal project teams.

Loop Management offers consultancy and assistance for all the necessary actions in developing a successful EU funded project from writing the application form to the effective management of the entire project. Financial assistance, support in reporting the activities, assistance in terms of relationship management with the authorities, are just some of the services we offer our clients for helping them improving project activities into an effective one with real and sustainable impact on their business and brand value.

Loop Management experts have achieved so far full refund of the completed projects’ costs, but also of ongoing ones.



Project management activities

  • Monitoring the activities calendar accordingly to the financing contract;
  • Auditing in terms of administrative and back-office activities;
  • Document templates for expenditure validation.
Financial management
  • Support provided in order to prepare the reimbursement requests;
  • Cash-flow management;
  • Consultancy for documenting expenditures;
  • Risk management;
  • Crisis management.
Financial management
  • Consultancy for procurement procedures;
  • Developing and/or verifying procurement related documentation and offering advice on legal issues;
Project monitoring and communication with management authorities
  • Communication with authorities or other management bodies;
  • Providing consultancy in terms of legal aspects;
  • Formulating viewpoints in order to support the beneficiary’s interest;
  • Assistance in terms of relationship management with the authorities and management bodies.

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