Gender equality in the labor market – Your chance at a better life! | Egalitate pe piata muncii – Sansa TA la un viitor mai bun!

We aim to help 540 women – especially drug users and other vulnerable groups – to develop their professional skills and competencies in order to increase employment capacity in the labor market in South-East region.

Gender equality in the labor market  – A pilot project to support vulnerable groups  | Egalitate pe piata muncii! – Proiect pilot pentru sprijinirea persoanelor vulnerabile

Implementing a pilot-project for increasing access to the labor market by developing the professional skills and competencies and providing specific assistance to 1350 persons belonging to vulnerable groups from Bucharest-Ilfov, South-Muntenia, North-East and South-East regions in order to prevent and limit consumption of the prohibited substances.

Responsible Young Entrepreneurs | Fii T.A.Re! – Tineri Antreprenori Responsabili

We aim to help develop the managerial and entrepreneurial skills of 400 people who want to start an independent activity and to provide grants for 40 business ideas. 

Unity in diversity! – The transition of youth from school to work, including for students belonging to other culture | Unitate in diversitate! Tranzitie de la şcoala la viata activa, inclusiv pentru studenti apartinand altor culturi

We intend to offer real opportunities for career development for both students and MA in multicultural environments, studying in fields such as ICT, construction or transport through a complete program of guidance and career counseling, as well through an internship program in public or private companies. 

Real equality, not conceptual!  | Egalitate reala, nu conceptuala!

We want to contribute to the project objectives both by promoting entrepreneurship and organizing different courses in a certain field, and by promoting specific training opportunities. In this regard, we will develop an intensive program for different qualifications, such as: trade worker, confectioner, cleaning agent, child carer, manicurist/pedicurist.

Start your career on the right path!  | Incepe cu dreptul cariera ta!

The project aims to develop students’ practical competencies and skills necessary to adapt to the labor market needs and to obtain a workplace. Our activities are dedicated to 500 students and MA who are currently studying law and public administration (Bucharest-Ilfov region).

Legal Studies – between theory and practice  | Studiile juridice – intre teorie si practica

Within this project we will develop an integrated package of customized guidance and career counseling services and we will provide an online platform that will become an essential support for all the 500 students involved in our activities.  

Legal internship for a successful career! | Stagii de practica pentru cariere de succes in domeniul juridic

The activities will help increase the employment rate and facilitate the access to the labor market for students and MA who are studying within the legal and public administration deparment (South-Muntenia region).

IBA – Legal Internship Program  | Drept la practica!

We intend to develop human capital in the South-East region and to ensure access to employment opportunities for 500 students and MA who are currently stuying law and public administration.

Internships for your career in law!  | Stagii de practica pentru cariera ta in drept!

We aim to offer integrated services and customized career advice for 500 students and MA and free access to an online platform which provides legal resources and information. 

Your right to a successful career! – Internships for legal careers!   | Ai dreptul la o cariera de succes! Stagii de practica pentru profesiile din domeniul juridic

Our activities will consist in conducting counseling sessions and career guidance and developing an online platform to ensure communication between students and advisors/tutor.

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