1 million euros for investments

Grant and deposit depending on allocation availability through the state budget.

Through Government Decision 807/2014 companies founded according to Company Law 31/1990 can request state aid for investments based on this scheme. The majority of activity fields are eligible for investments, with few exceptions.

Can apply either new founded companies or already grown companies, SMEs and large companies.

Founding a new activity or unit’s activity diversification can be financed, on average through financed projects a minimum of 160 jobs are created.

The minimum value of a project is 4,5 million RON, and state aid’s value varies from 50% to 10% (10% for Bucharest, 35% for Ilfov and West Region, 50% for the remaining regions).

The aid can be use for acquisition of tangible assets of any type:

  • Equipment (technical installations, machinery and new equipment), only fixed assets without transportation and assembling
  • Constructions (constructions and base installations from object estimate at a standard price of 1.650 RON/m2 developed area), construction that don’t fit the Romanian State Standard 4908-85 are not eligible for the aid.
  • Space rent (rent cannot exceed 22 RON/m2/month)
  • Also, up to most 50% of eligible project’s value can be use to acquisition of nontangible assets

VTA for this expenses is not eligible.

In order to apply, minimum additional eligibility requirements for companies are:

  • No relocation was conducted to the unity in which the initial investment is to take place for which the aid is requested, 2 years prior the application date
  • Profitability of turnover was higher than zero in the last financial year ended
  • Have positive own capital in the last financial year ended