Active Citizens program – callings for increased citizen involvement in the community

The second round of Active Citizens Funds program has 5 active callings, especially made for NGOs, that propose projects on increasing citizen involvement in the community by developing methods through which they can contribute to the democratic culture.

The 5 callings are divided on thematic areas as it follows:

  • Call 2 – Education and civic implication
  • Call 3 – Civic activism and advocacy
  • Call 5 – Strategic aid for human rights and equal treatment
  • Call 7 – Social Inclusion advocacy for vulnerable groups
  • Call 8 – Interethnic rural communities development

For any of these callings applicants can request one of the following types of grants:

  • Medium grants: 50.001 – 75.000 EUROs, with a duration between 6 to 24 months
  • Large grants and/or Strategic grants: 75.001-150.000 EUROs, with a duration between 12 to 24 months

All projects benefit of an irredeemable aid of 90% of total eligible costs of the project and co-financing will represent at least 10% of all eligible costs and can be brought in cash or kind, in the form of voluntary work, up to 50% of co-financing.

The main categories of eligible costs are:

  • Personnel costs
  • Travel allowance and subsistence
  • New equipment or second-hand expenses
  • Consumables and furniture expenses
  • Expenses proposed by other contracts assigned by the Project Manager with the purpose of carrying the project to the end
  • Expenses that come directly from the financing contract clauses
  • Indirect expenses (a flat rate of up to 15% of the eligible direct costs of the employed staff may be applied)