1 million euros for investments

Grant and deposit depending on allocation availability through the state budget. Through Government Decision 807/2014 companies founded according to Company Law 31/1990 can request state aid for investments based on this scheme. The majority of activity fields are eligible for investments, with few exceptions. Can apply either new founded companies or already grown companies, SMEs […]

Challenges in public health at European level – call for NGOs

Small grants scheme no. 2 has a value of 1 million EUROs for maximum 12 months projects done by NGOs for providing outreach healthcare services in order to improve prevention of vulnerable population in secluded areas, for the following activities: Activities that provide healthcare services for mother and child health, “women healthcare” and familial planning; […]

Up to 1 million euros for vulnerable communities development

The call “CRESTEREA INCLUZIUNII SI ABILITAREA ROMILOR” is financing projects done by NGOs, public entities and local authorities associations in disadvantaged areas inside urban or rural environment with more than 20% Roma ethnicity population (exception Bucharest-Ilfov) The minimum value of the requested grant in order to implement one project is of 300.000 EUROs, and with […]

Active Citizens program – callings for increased citizen involvement in the community

The second round of Active Citizens Funds program has 5 active callings, especially made for NGOs, that propose projects on increasing citizen involvement in the community by developing methods through which they can contribute to the democratic culture. The 5 callings are divided on thematic areas as it follows: Call 2 – Education and civic […]

Innovation Norway – up to 2 million EUROs for household electrification

This calling is offering aid for projects that aim household electrification for houses and communities that don’t have a feasible electricity connection economically speaking or where households cannot afford to pay the connection fee. The budget for this calling is of 10 million EUROs, divided in small grants and the main calling. Projects can be […]