Innovation Norway – up to 2 million EUROs for household electrification

This calling is offering aid for projects that aim household electrification for houses and communities that don’t have a feasible electricity connection economically speaking or where households cannot afford to pay the connection fee. The budget for this calling is of 10 million EUROs, divided in small grants and the main calling.

Projects can be submitted until April 29, 2021

Applicants can be either private or public entities, commercial or non-commercial and NGOs

Granted financing is between 30.000 EUROs to 200.000 EUROs for small grants and 200.000 EUROs to 2 million EUROs for the main calling. The aid’s intensity is of a maximum 90% of eligible project value, exception made for NGOs. For NGO applicants own contribution is not required.

Eligible activities:

  • Acquisition and installment of renewable energy solutions, including associated equipment, cables, base structures for photovoltaic panels etc.:
  • A cost of maximum 5.000 EUROs is accepted / electrified household
  • Current electrical network extension:
  • A cost of maximum 5.000 EUROs is accepted / electrified household
  • Project’s management and technical personnel
  • Training given to households’ permanent residents on how to use the electrification of the renewable energy solution provided in the project.
  • Equipment insurance (against theft, fires) – only applicable to costs whilst implementing the project
  • Audit costs