An ecosystem for start-ups development that offers:

  • know-how;
  • financing;
  • access to a national network of important mentors and stakeholders for business development;
  • co-working spaces in 4 cities of Romania;

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Ingenius StartUp

Ingenius Hub has organized the most complex entrepreneurial caravan in the country. Starting with April 24th 2018. Ingenius Caravan has travelled 15 cities in 4 regions: North-East, South Muntenia, South-West Oltenia and the Central Region.

  • 1.620 people have participated to the entrepreneurial formation skills workshop in 2018 and received graduation certificates;
  • 162 entrepreneurs won the business plan competion and received 40.000 EUROs in 2018. They signed-up in an incubation program that was held online on national level in 2019 - Entrepreneur’s Marathon in 90 days with Rodica Lupu.

Ingenius Live

An online channel with and about entrepreneurs with over 180 editions in 3 seasons, 17 series, 16 moderators and an approximate 2 million reach and over 300.000 views.


SmartUp your StartUp

123 video pills with educational content for beginning entrepreneurs.

The “Entrepreneurship for Real” Ingenius Caravan in your city & Ingenius NET Financing Opportunities Caravan

A series of local events that took place in over 25 cities in the country, dedicated to entrepreneurs.

Freelance on Fast Fwd

It’s the program developed by Ingenius Hub in partnership with Freelancers Association. Freelance on Fast Fwd was dedicated to all the freelancers and those who wished to start a freelance career regardless of the industry.

The program covered the main business aspects that a freelancer needs to possess in order to become performant and to ensure a comfortable cash flow and an equilibrium between personal time and the time allotted to the profession.

Femei cu Sens (Women with Meaning)

A program dedicated to women entrepreneurs in 2019, under the shape of 7 workshops with themes such as personal brand, personal style, negotiation, opportunities for women entrepreneurs, etc.

European Funds 2020

A program of workshops and one-on-one consultancy sessions that took place between August and September 2020 about financing opportunities.

6/60 Conference

Online conference dedicated to the SMEs digitalization program. At the September 10, 2020 edition of the event, 7 software companies have presented different solutions to various types of needs in digitalization and automatization.


Innoventure Project
Ingenius Net Project