Up to 1 million euros for vulnerable communities development

The call “CRESTEREA INCLUZIUNII SI ABILITAREA ROMILOR” is financing projects done by NGOs, public entities and local authorities associations in disadvantaged areas inside urban or rural environment with more than 20% Roma ethnicity population (exception Bucharest-Ilfov)

The minimum value of the requested grant in order to implement one project is of 300.000 EUROs, and with a maximum value of 1 million EUROs and without need of any own contribution.

The minimum number of beneficiary is 400 people, individuals and Roma ethnicity families (children, teenagers and adults) that found themselves in vulnerable situations of risk or that they confront various types of socio-economical exclusion.

The projects aim for a minimum package of main actions that focus on increasing the access and quality of sectoral or integrated services for Roma ethnicity people, in the following fields: social work, education, occupancy, healthcare and habitation.

To these is added support actions for empowerment of Roma ethnicity people, especially women and young women, experts and Roma leaders and also support to fight against any form of discrimination of the Roma population.

The main categories of eligible costs are:

  • Costs with project personnel, consisting in wages and social insurances expenses and other statutory costs included in payment
  • Transport costs and travel allowance for project personnel
  • Costs for new equipment or second-hand equipment
  • Land and real estate acquisition
  • Consumables and furniture cost, on the condition that these can be identified and assigned to the project.
  • Costs that come directly from project’s contract clauses for every single project
  • Indirect costs.

*Investments cannot exceed 60% out of the total value of the project

It is not mandatory to do a partnership when starting a project but is recommended to have at least one partner from donor states: Norway, Iceland or Lichtenstein.